SOL #1: Exciting Emoji

slice-of-life_individualHere it goes… my first Slice of Life and blog post EVER! Taking chances as we speak.

I have been nonstop brainstorming over what my first Slice of Life could be. I decided to go with my first happy moment of the day!

Today we had an emoji pajama party at our school. In the morning, a second grade student I mentor came to my classroom wearing an emoji shirt he made. Earlier that morning, he came into the room wearing a sweatshirt, so we were pleasantly surprised when he knocked on our classroom door later that morning. His excitement to show us his emoji shirt MADE OUR DAY! We had to take a picture with this superstar. 🙂

-Miss Chance





3 thoughts on “SOL #1: Exciting Emoji”

  1. Welcome and a BIG HAPPY EMOJI for clicking that publish button today! *Cue confetti!* Well, it wouldn’t be called a challenge if it wasn’t one, but the benefits by far out weigh the struggles. You will also soon learn that this writing community is simply amazing – so encouraging and supportive! Welcome to slicing! Happy writing!


  2. Welcome!! I’m so glad you will be blogging with us this month. I never knew there were so many emoji jammies and shirts. I’m going to have to get some for myself.


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