SOL #6: That Time When I Dialed 911…


These 4 lines may not mean anything to the other employees who received this email in my district today…

Unfortunately, I was not one of those employees.

Back in September,  my co-teacher and I were making parent phone calls. In our district, we dial 9 to get an outside line. As a new teacher, it was my first time making a call to an outside line. I picked up the phone, followed the 9 with a 1, and before I knew it, I had dialed 911. In a panic, I hung up before it even had a chance to ring. My co-teacher and I waited to get a call back, but nothing came through.

In this moment, we did not even think about the fact that if the police called back, they would not magically reach our extension– and it was after school hours, so the office wouldn’t answer.

As we left school, my co-teacher spotted police officers outside of our school…I almost had a heart attack! Long story short, I called the police (non-emergency line this time) and apologized for my mistake.

Every time I dial out, I make sure to NEVER make this mistake again.

Needless to say, I thought I was the only person in the district who ever made this mistake…but, apparently I am one of many (sigh of relief).

Now I will never have to feel anxious about making phone calls outside of the building.

Oh, what one simple number can do.


Check out my co-teacher’s Slice of Life to read her point of view! 🙂 



16 thoughts on “SOL #6: That Time When I Dialed 911…”

  1. I have such a similar story!! When I was in 5th grade, my teacher asked me to call another teacher who’s number was 1174. I thought you had to dial 9 out, like I had done when I had called my mom. So I ended up calling 911. The police came to school and to our room to ask who called, and I was so embarrassed I didn’t admit it! I feel your pain!


  2. Oh no! You never told me that! Well at least our new phone system will spare someone else of making the same mistake! I’m glad that you called and apologized though. I’m sure the police department appreciated it too! Great post!


  3. I think a lot of us can relate to this! Once when I was babysitting my one year old nephew, he accidentally dialed 911, so I hung up right away. They called back, and I had to apologize for letting a one year old near the phone. At least the operator was nice about it. They must have some stories!


  4. I totally did that also! It was a billion years ago when cell phones had a preprogrammed button on them for 911. I accidentally called it more than once. I was fearful they would shut my phone off but that never happened.

    No phones that I know of come with that button anymore, actually do phones come with buttons other than on/off and volume?


  5. Oh no! This is both funny and terrifying. It was so kind of you to dial the non-emergency number and apologize. And doesn’t it make you feel so much better that your mistake is so common? I am very impressed that your district came up with a terrific fix.


  6. Oh, yes, you are not alone. I personally have not done this, but many in my district have. So they finally changed the number to dial out to the number 8! That was a good move! Well, at least your moment provided for a great slice!


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