SOL #8: Netflix Binges

My brain is still in 4-day weekend mode. Over the long weekend, I spent much of my free time multitasking work-related things and binge-watching Stranger Things (too many episodes to admit…I mean, the season only has 8 episodes).

Sci-fi, horror, suspense, and supernatural beings- all taking place in the 80s. The lead cast consists of both middle and high-school kids, which I was not sure about at first. YES, I was sucked in after watching episode 2 on Saturday. YES, I understand why it has a 9/10 IMDb rating.

Basically a young boy goes missing and an investigation begins. During the investigation, secrets begin to emerge- involving government experiments and a parallel universe known as “the upside down”.  There is so much packed into 8 episodes… I wish this show was easier to explain in a summary, but I highly recommend! It keeps you interested and wondering throughout the entire season.

On Friday nights, I am usually beyond exhausted, ready to plop on the couch. How I spent my latest Fridays? Watching The People v. O.J. Simpson. 

Instantly, I became engrossed in this series-engrossed enough to research a case that happened over 20 years ago. The series follows the case well, to the point where I had to look up a few parts up to see if their “facts” were actually real. Although I was too young to actually watch the trial of the century back in 1995, I could rely on this series to play out the case accurately. Like I said, I did some of my own research after watching the series!

As you can see, I need to watch some more uplifting shows. Any suggestions? Always looking for future binges.






18 thoughts on “SOL #8: Netflix Binges”

  1. I loved both of those shows – they were great. Some of my favorite “uplifting” shows right now are “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (get past the title – it’s a great show), and “Victoria,” the Masterpiece/PBS series (though it’s still a drama). And my go-to for feel-good is always “Parks & Rec.” Happy watching!

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  2. I loved Stranger Things! Maybe it’s because I was a teenager in the 80s? My husband and I have been binge-watching Bones most recently. We had never watched it before, but got hooked. 11 seasons! I think I’m going to take a break after this, though. It’s starting to feel like an addiction! Great idea for a post, by the way!

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  3. If you haven’t watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt it is hilarious! Also, this past month I decided I needed to start watching comedy specials. I highly recommend Demetri Martin and Jen Kirkman for Stand Up Specials. Hilarious!

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  4. Your post is giving me life right now! I have the *PERFECT* recc. Pitch, on Fox. If you have Hulu or On-demand, you can catch all 10 episodes from this 1st season. It’s about the first female pitcher in MLB. It’s super uplifting for women and it’s exactly the kind of tv we need more of! Did I mention her catcher is Mark Paul Gosselaar? 🙂

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  5. I tried watching Stranger Things, but fell asleep. (It was too late to try to watch anything.) With your recommendation, I’m going to go back and get through at least the first two episodes. I just finished watching The Crown and thought it was really great. My spring break is coming next week and now I have some great recommendations!

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  6. Every once in awhile, you need to binge watch a great show! I don’t want much TV beyond HGTV … I keep hearing about THIS IS US. But no one says anything more than, ‘You don’t watch THIS IS US?!?” So, it must be good.

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