SOL #11: (CH)IRISH ☘️


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Today was the St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Downtown Chicago. It was a bright and sunny day in the city…cold, but sunny. I’ll take it!  I bundled up to bear the cold temperature (25 degrees, brrr).

The city celebrates with an Irish parade and the Chicago River is dyed bright green! 

Honestly, the dyed river is the coolest part of the celebration. I would literally trek downtown just to see it! At least once in my life,  I need to go down there early enough to see the process of how they dye it… boat crews actually put orange powder into the water to dye the typically murky water a bright green. Crazy!

Chicago definitely goes ALL out.

We didn’t have a definite plan for today, but happened to stumble upon The Godfrey Hotel, which has an amazing indoor/outdoor rooftop lounge! The rooftop faces the skyline and gave us a beautiful view of the city. 🙂 Luckily, the outdoor part even had a fireplace! Definitely helped counter the 25 degree temp on the rooftop.

It was a great day to be CHI-rish! ☘️


5 thoughts on “SOL #11: (CH)IRISH ☘️”

  1. That’s interesting how they actually go about dying the river…I wonder what it looks like after it fades a bit…does it turn the tap water green too??
    Just some curiosity about the whole she-bang. I was actually talking to Jean about this and how I’ve never seen it but have always meant to.
    Maybe next weekend… lol. 😛


  2. So, I hear the River Shannon in Ireland is dyed green for St. Pat’s, too. One year I went to New York City on this holiday. It was more crowded than at Christmas, but the atmosphere was just as festive. It was so cold I couldn’t feel my toes in two layers of socks and boots – and it snowed heavily, the biggest, most beautiful flakes – all in all, except for cold-numbness, a magical holiday.


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