SOL #12: Daylight Savings


Don’t get me wrong, nothing makes me happier than extra daylight. I look forward to the days when I drive home from work and it is still light outside.

Except for today. I woke up on a mission: knock as much I can off of my to-do list. I dragged myself to Starbucks, ordered an iced coffee, and began to prepare for my summative meeting this week. Typing away, searching for evidence, and before I knew it, it was 4:00pm.

“4 hours have passed already?!”, I think to myself in a panic. I am satisfied with my progress, but the hours flew by unnoticed.  Here I am now, sitting at my computer, and it is already after 10:00pm.

My solution? Pretend daylight savings time did not steal an hour from my Sunday. I will continue to work as if it is 9:00pm. 🙂

Tomorrow. I will embrace daylight savings tomorrow when I drive home from work in the daylight.


3 thoughts on “SOL #12: Daylight Savings”

  1. It’s always an awkward balance between needing that extra time to work (and not feeling like it is the middle of the afternoon when you start cooking dinner) and that lovely feeling of driving home in the light for a change and knowing long light evenings are coming soon.


  2. Indeed! You captured the crazy window of time-that-isn’t just beautifully.
    I accomplished about 2/3 of my To Do list today, then realized my date with the trainer at the gym tomorrow at 8 AM will feel like yesterday at 7!
    That did it! Bath and bed for this gal!!


  3. I feel like I have been given a gift this year in that, even though an hour was stolen from me, my spring break starts tomorrow. Not having to plan for school and 26 students who also had an hour stolen from them is a huge blessing.


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