SOL #17: Leprechauns & Gold

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I was ready to go all out for my first St. Patrick’s Day as a teacher! First thing in the morning, students began earning gold tickets for positive behavior. These tickets were put into a “Pot O’Gold” for a whole class raffle to earn a prize.

Our prize = mini speaker. I happened to have a brand new mini speaker that I didn’t want to waste…it worked out perfectly as a raffle prize!

To kick off our St. Patrick’s Day celebration, students completed a writing activity on the prompt: “Who is worth more to you than gold?”. I absolutely loved some of the sweet responses, which are all about FAMILY.

One of my students wrote: “My family, even though sometimes we fight. Family can NEVER be replaced.”

What a true statement, coming from my 9-year-old student.

Another favorite of mine: “My Mom and Dad are worth more because they take care of me and feed me and love me and gold can’t do that.”

I love to see that some of my students already know the value of family, something “gold”, or money can’t buy.

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