SOL #20: Spring Has Arrived!


So long, winter!

Winter, my least favorite season, is finally behind us. (Well, hopefully.) I have always been sure that winter is my least favorite season, especially living in Illinois with frigid cold and endless snow.

Spring, a season I love, especially when it loves us back. By that, I mean warmer temps and no sign of snow. I will take rainy days and thunderstorms, but please don’t let snow revisit us this year.

I teeter back and forth between my two favorite seasons being spring and fall…the transitional seasons. I love/hate the temperate climate of Illinois. The love part is solely because I get to experience the changing of seasons in spring and fall.

There is something about springtime…

The changes in the smell of the air- FRESH.

The sun begins to peak out a little more.

Everything seems a little brighter. 

Warmth consumes our weather forecast.

Color comes back into the world.

Tree buds & flowers begin to bloom; green grass begins to grow.

The world around us comes back to LIFE.

This, is why spring is a season I long for each year.

Spring has arrived! 



2 thoughts on “SOL #20: Spring Has Arrived!”

  1. Yay, spring! I don’t live in a cold winter anymore and I don’t miss it one bit. Even without one of those nasty winters, I still love spring and your poem made me smile.


  2. I’m so happy that spring is arriving … slowly, but it’s here. Spring is new, revival, fresh, and just makes us happy! Enjoy the transition!


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