SOL #21: Coffee & Grading


The end of the quarter is near and coffee is a necessity.

It was a grading at a coffee shop until 9 o’clock kind of night.

Laptop? ✔️️  Favorite Paper Mate Flair Pen? ✔️️  Endless stack of assessments to grade? ✔️️

Most important? My coffee and co-teacher to keep me motivated.

This particular coffee shop has the most delicious, and unusual, drinks. My co-teacher and I LOVE to come here to grade. It is one place that has kept us sane this school year.

Our liquid companion for the night:  Honey Bee Latte… so yummy!


Nothing better than sipping a latte in a cozy coffee shop, minus the grading part…☕



8 thoughts on “SOL #21: Coffee & Grading”

  1. What a fun little coffee shop! I think I would be too distracted, but sounds like it’s the perfect place to be for you! Happy grading!


  2. Grading! such a chore. The one part of teaching I do not miss one little bit. I never thought of going to a coffee shop to do it. That would have helped a lot. Or a bar.


  3. What a great idea. I usually plow through my grades at my kitchen table. It would be much more festive in a quaint coffee house with a yummy latte.


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