SOL #22: Grand Opening


After work, my mom called to invite me to check out the grand opening of a new Mariano’s Fresh Market near my house! I couldn’t say no. I left work early to explore the new store with my mom and brother.

Mariano’s is a close second to TJs, except Mariano’s has the best food court… I am obsessed! You name it, they have it.

Wine bar, sushi station, homemade pizza, fresh squeezed juice stand, gelato shop…the list goes on and on!

At the grand opening, they had fresh-made pretzels in a variety of flavors…one flavor they had was red velvet?! Another interesting flavor was buffalo.

As we were walking through the bakery and sweets area, I saw taffy apples the size of my face and fudge galore. One cool area they had included barrels filled with crazy popcorn flavors…green apple, churro, garlic ranch…but I am a Chicago Mix (caramel/cheese combo) kinda girl.

My mom and I love going to Mariano’s, just to walk around and try the variety of food court options they have to offer. A simple night at a grocery store makes for a memorable time!

Mariano’s has become our “spot” and a shopping day we look forward to . 🙂


8 thoughts on “SOL #22: Grand Opening”

  1. That sounds so fun! We have nothing like that here… unless you count Sam’s Club where sometimes you can get a little sample. LOL. I’m glad you have a great spot for shopping!


  2. A fun outing! We have Mariano’s by my house too, but usually it is so super packed — with my little ones, it’s too hard to meander through the store. I’m in and out to get just what I need, so I appreciate your introduction to what else the store offers!


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