SOL #24: Coffee Shoes

slice-of-life_individualAfter learning of a comfy AND cute brand of shoes on a fellow teacher’s Instagram, I searched for a pair online at Target (the brand is Mad Love, you’re welcome in advance 🙂 ). These shoes are seriously unreal… only $23 and ACTUALLY like walking on clouds. (Link to comfy Target shoes)

So comfortable.

I decided to wear these heavenly shoes to work today for casual Friday to see how comfortable they were after 7 hours on my feet (HA!). At the end of the day, I decided these shoes had passed the “comfy” test.

Now, fast forward to my classroom after school.

My daily after school ritual consists of scrambling around, cleaning up the classroom and preparing for the next day. I was in a hurry today, setting a goal to leave by 4pm. While  I was racing around the classroom, I decided to help out my co-teacher and bring her travel mug to her table.

As I picked up the mug and headed over to her table, the top came off and coffee splattered ALL over the floor and onto my new shoes, white laces and all…(crying inside)!

The right shoe was really in the splash zone. It didn’t stand a chance.

By the grace of the shoe gods, my right shoe survived being drenched in coffee. I have never been so happy to have purchased beige shoes. When the coffee dried, it left a slightly faded coffee stain. Somehow, my white shoe laces still look pretty white?! 🙏


Nothing a stain remover can’t fix.

Luckily, our wonderful custodian came to my rescue with a mop and quickly helped me clean up the mess, leaving nothing but a strong coffee smell in our classroom. 🙂

A not so bad ending to having coffee shoes. Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “SOL #24: Coffee Shoes”

  1. Apparently, you chose the exact right color. If I looked up these shoes (which I also may have done), the first thing I would notice was the choice of colors. After reading your post, I think I would choose the beige. They seem pretty resilient.


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