SOL #28: “Almost” Countdown

slice-of-life_individualI am almost there!

2 more days until grades are due.

2 more days until parent-teacher conferences.

3 more days until 3rd quarter ends.

3 more wake-ups before 9 days off.

3 more days until this crazy month is OVER.

Almost. 3 more days until spring break!


Appropriate meme of the day, which my co-teacher will appreciate.

Me in a nutshell: 

Tired Meme


3 thoughts on “SOL #28: “Almost” Countdown”

  1. Love the meme! I had my break two weeks ago. I’m not sure how anyone who didn’t have it at that time has been able to drag themselves through this week (or last). I can only imagine how you are counting the minutes before you get to celebrate some down time!


  2. Love your meme! I can tell from your words and pic that you are indeed ready for a break. But, look at what you’ve accomplished, not only during March, but throughout the school year.


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