SOL #31: The End is Here!


Wow, I cannot believe how wonderful the Slice of Life challenge has been! It went by SO fast, seriously. Starting out, I didn’t know if I could write all 31 days. Here I am, with 31 days of writing behind me. I was determined to write every day.  I feel so accomplished and I have actually enjoyed writing each day. ✏️  Choosing topics each day became increasingly effortless. Writing a slice each day has made me more aware of small moments in my day. I automatically look back on my day and reflect on the small, but important moments.

I LOVE blogging now! 🙂 I may have to try the Tuesday blogging challenge.

On another note, knowing that spring break is almost here already has me feeling refreshed. Our morning consisted of watching Moana for our PBIS March focus…our whole school earned this reward for mindfulness! Hooray!

This afternoon, we will practice for state testing ( 😦 ) and do our classroom raffle.


Here’s a sneak peek at our awesome raffle prizes!


Spring Brea k.jpg


4 thoughts on “SOL #31: The End is Here!”

  1. Congrats on writing all 31 days! It did seem to be by quickly this year (this is my 6th) and I never thought I’d make it that first year, but my daughter, Michelle, kept me going. Have a super spring break and I’ll look forward to your Tuesday slices.


  2. What a banner day–accomplishing the slice of life challenge AND the official beginning of your spring break. You don’t get much better than that. I have enjoyed your thoughts during this challenge. Congrats on “making it”! Now go enjoy some down time!


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