SOL #1: SPED Fangirl

Happy March! It feels so good to be back a 2nd year for the SOL Challenge! 🙌

I have decided to start off the month with a slice on the highlight of my week (Let’s be real…highlight of my teacher life 😅). It all started with an ICE Conference email about a month ago with a list of scheduled Keynote speakers. You would have thought an A-list celebrity was coming to speak at the conference with how I reacted when I saw the heading: Keynote Speaker Chris Ulmer from Special Books by Special Kids. OMG?! Fast forward to this week, and here is my slice:

We walk into the enormous, fancy conference room, scoping out the closest (unreserved) seat with the best view of the stage. My friend follows behind, waiting until I finally pick a spot to patiently wait for our SPED idol’s Keynote to begin.

At about 20 minutes to 6:00, my friend whispers, “Look! He is sitting in the front over there!”. I look over, and sure enough, he is already taking pictures with a few people who spotted him up front. “Now’s our chance to take a picture with him!”, she says. I start to get nervous and respond with “He’s probably busy!”. Busy doing what? Waiting to present? 

After a minute of back-and-forth “should we go say hi now?”, and “should we wait ’til after?”, we awkwardly walk over and introduce ourselves.

 I shake his hand and say, “Hi Chris, my name is Brittany. We are SUCH big fans!”.

I’m not a fangirl or anything. We ask to take a picture with him; a picture that makes our entire night (…or teacher life)! He thanks us for coming, and we sit back down, giggling about our awkward introduction to our SPED idol.

Little did I know that I would get to “meet” him AGAIN after the Keynote, when I went up to him with my co-teacher. Yet another awkward introduction that started with “Hi again! Can my co-teacher and I get a picture with you?!”, and ended with us telling him how amazing his work is. Yeah, total fangirls.

I have been a follower and fan of SBSK for the past couple of years. Chris Ulmer inspires me with his message of inclusivity,  neurodiversity, and positivity. What a way to start off my week! I could honestly write another slice just on his Keynote…which I just might do. P.S. If you haven’t heard of SBSK, I highly recommend you check his videos out! You won’t regret it.



7 thoughts on “SOL #1: SPED Fangirl”

  1. I always love seeing my own rock stars in person! Although I’m not usually brave enough to ask to take a picture! I have never heard of this. I need to check out your link!

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  2. Oh my gosh! I totally get your fangirl moment! I had that at the Colorado reading conference when I was able to meet and write with Stacey Shubitz. I cried multiple times and just keep thinking about it. I could feel your excitement in your writing. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Welcome back! I have not heard of Chris or his work, but will for sure check it out! I’m working in a new building this year that house our district’s ELS (Educational Life Skills) program and wondering if this would be worth sharing, so I hope you do write more about his keynote! Happy you got the pictures! It’s always fun to meet our “idols” in real life! Happy writing this month!

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