SOL #31: The End is Here!


Wow, I cannot believe how wonderful the Slice of Life challenge has been! It went by SO fast, seriously. Starting out, I didn’t know if I could write all 31 days. Here I am, with 31 days of writing behind me. I was determined to write every day.  I feel so accomplished and I have actually enjoyed writing each day. ✏️  Choosing topics each day became increasingly effortless. Writing a slice each day has made me more aware of small moments in my day. I automatically look back on my day and reflect on the small, but important moments.

I LOVE blogging now! 🙂 I may have to try the Tuesday blogging challenge.

On another note, knowing that spring break is almost here already has me feeling refreshed. Our morning consisted of watching Moana for our PBIS March focus…our whole school earned this reward for mindfulness! Hooray!

This afternoon, we will practice for state testing ( 😦 ) and do our classroom raffle.


Here’s a sneak peek at our awesome raffle prizes!


Spring Brea k.jpg


SOL #30: Six-Word Memoir

My attempt at a six word memoir. This is about all I can produce tonight. I’m sure you can tell how I feel based on these six words. 😴

Madness behind, relaxation ahead. Energy depleted. 


SOL #29: Baby Grizzly


Meet the new addition to our classroom family, Baby Grizzly!

Baby Grizzly is our “speaker” bear; if a student is the speaker, they get to hold the bear.

Today, our class had an amazing moment with our new family member.

First, a quick backstory. At our school, we have a universal clap that goes like this:

Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap 

The teacher claps, then the students clap back. Our class have some difficulty clapping back as a whole class. We have the same students who consistently clap, but some of our kiddos do not consistently respond to the clapping signal.

Today was different.

The difference? Baby grizzly silently clapped with his little stuffed paws and…

Every. Student. Clapped. 

Yes, every student in the class clapped back unprompted — loudly and in sync!  My co-teacher and I looked at each other, surprised, but amazed at our students! 🙂 We tried it again with baby grizzly and they clapped again, loudly and in sync.

If we only knew that a stuffed animal could have such an influence on our clapping signal. Hoping for this success again tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!

Welcome to the family, Baby Grizzly! 🙂


SOL #28: “Almost” Countdown

slice-of-life_individualI am almost there!

2 more days until grades are due.

2 more days until parent-teacher conferences.

3 more days until 3rd quarter ends.

3 more wake-ups before 9 days off.

3 more days until this crazy month is OVER.

Almost. 3 more days until spring break!


Appropriate meme of the day, which my co-teacher will appreciate.

Me in a nutshell: 

Tired Meme

SOL #27: What’s Missing?

The moment when you reach and connect with a student who typically resists learning.

Resistance turns to willingness.

Hands down one of the best parts about being a teacher.

Trying and trying until something clicks.

Today was one of those days. During guided reading, I work one-on-one with a student who usually has difficulty focusing and engaging in learning. Today was not one of those days.

We tried a new sight word activity today: What’s Missing?

“What’s Missing” is a quick activity in which I erase a letter in the sight word and have the student identify the missing letter. Today our sight word was before.

My student identified all missing letters correctly and three magical words came out of his mouth: “I like this!”

He proceeded to suggest ideas for me to have him guess the missing letters: “Instead of leaving a space, you should put all the letters together for me to guess”. Not only was he participating, but he was providing input for his own learning.

This moment put a smile on my face today, that’s for sure.

After we finished the activity, I dedicated the last minute of guided reading to see my student’s new Pokémon book. He showed me some of his favorites, and I couldn’t have been happier.

He was excited. I was excited. It was a successful group time.

Something so simple can make such a difference.




SOL #26: Sundays Are for…


Sundays are for…

Sundays are for sleeping in.

Sundays are for enjoying breakfast (& not on the go).

Sundays are for spending time with family.

Sundays are for catching up on life.

Sundays are for procrastination AND productivity.

Sundays are for grocery shopping.

Sundays are for meal prepping.

Sundays are for planning and grading.

Sundays are for rejuvenating before a long week ahead.

That’s what Sundays are for…


SOL #25: Mochi in My Tummy

slice-of-life_individualYet another trip to the store and another slice to reflect on…FOOD.

Today I took a trip to Whole Foods.

I very rarely make my way to Whole Foods, but I have been in search of jackfruit, which I cannot seem to find anywhere! I thought I would be in luck, since Whole Foods has all kinds of unusual healthy food items, but no such luck.

With a jackfruit defeat, I opted for their new mochi bar, which I saw advertised at the entrance…score!

I headed over to the bakery section to find the mochi bar. It is a self-serve bar, filled with a variety of mochi flavors. I decided to try 3 of the flavors, including matcha green tea, mango, and strawberry.

“What is mochi?”, you may ask.  Well, I learned today that it is a Japanese dessert made with sweet rice dough and ice cream!  Soft in texture on the outside, but ice cream on the inside-yes, ice cream! The ice cream part definitely sold me.

I first took a bite into the matcha green tea mochi. Matcha green tea is awesome.

Initial thought: The outside is super squishy and gummy, but also powdery on the outside because of the powdered sugar. Weird texture at first, but I liked it regardless.

After biting into the rice dough, there was a burst of green tea flavor! Soft, creamy ice cream in the center goes well with the rice dough. I was pleasantly surprised!

I had to try another. Mango was even better than the green tea mochi, honestly. Still have yet to try the strawberry, but I predict it will be just as delicious.

Mochi bar for the win!

Maybe one day I will get lucky and find the jackfruit I was initially searching for…

SOL #24: Coffee Shoes

slice-of-life_individualAfter learning of a comfy AND cute brand of shoes on a fellow teacher’s Instagram, I searched for a pair online at Target (the brand is Mad Love, you’re welcome in advance 🙂 ). These shoes are seriously unreal… only $23 and ACTUALLY like walking on clouds. (Link to comfy Target shoes)

So comfortable.

I decided to wear these heavenly shoes to work today for casual Friday to see how comfortable they were after 7 hours on my feet (HA!). At the end of the day, I decided these shoes had passed the “comfy” test.

Now, fast forward to my classroom after school.

My daily after school ritual consists of scrambling around, cleaning up the classroom and preparing for the next day. I was in a hurry today, setting a goal to leave by 4pm. While  I was racing around the classroom, I decided to help out my co-teacher and bring her travel mug to her table.

As I picked up the mug and headed over to her table, the top came off and coffee splattered ALL over the floor and onto my new shoes, white laces and all…(crying inside)!

The right shoe was really in the splash zone. It didn’t stand a chance.

By the grace of the shoe gods, my right shoe survived being drenched in coffee. I have never been so happy to have purchased beige shoes. When the coffee dried, it left a slightly faded coffee stain. Somehow, my white shoe laces still look pretty white?! 🙏


Nothing a stain remover can’t fix.

Luckily, our wonderful custodian came to my rescue with a mop and quickly helped me clean up the mess, leaving nothing but a strong coffee smell in our classroom. 🙂

A not so bad ending to having coffee shoes. Happy Friday!

SOL #23: Running on Life’s Treadmill

I feel like I have been running on a treadmill…uphill… at full speed…

Going, going, going. Man, I really hate treadmills. 

With so much left to do until the end of March, I want to keep working until I finish everything on my to-do list.My to-do lists make the seemingly endless tasks more bearable. There’s nothing better than checking off a task on a long to-do list.

Each task completed is like lowering the speed on life’s treadmill.

Once again, tonight was spent at the coffee shop grading a reading assessment on fables.By the time we knew it, it was already 8’o clock. I did not even eat dinner yet!

So, I regretfully headed to the Wendy’s drive though at 8:30…I know I should not be prioritizing work over dinner.

Can I press the emergency stop button on life’s treadmill? I’ll even take a few speeds slower.

No, just keep going full speed. Only one more week until spring break!


SOL #22: Grand Opening


After work, my mom called to invite me to check out the grand opening of a new Mariano’s Fresh Market near my house! I couldn’t say no. I left work early to explore the new store with my mom and brother.

Mariano’s is a close second to TJs, except Mariano’s has the best food court… I am obsessed! You name it, they have it.

Wine bar, sushi station, homemade pizza, fresh squeezed juice stand, gelato shop…the list goes on and on!

At the grand opening, they had fresh-made pretzels in a variety of flavors…one flavor they had was red velvet?! Another interesting flavor was buffalo.

As we were walking through the bakery and sweets area, I saw taffy apples the size of my face and fudge galore. One cool area they had included barrels filled with crazy popcorn flavors…green apple, churro, garlic ranch…but I am a Chicago Mix (caramel/cheese combo) kinda girl.

My mom and I love going to Mariano’s, just to walk around and try the variety of food court options they have to offer. A simple night at a grocery store makes for a memorable time!

Mariano’s has become our “spot” and a shopping day we look forward to . 🙂