SOL #10: Ten Things to Tackle


I am exhausted. All that is coming to mind on day #10 is my endless to-do list for March (Madness). What better way to organize myself than to create my to-do list for the next two busy weeks ahead?!

  1. Enjoy my one stress-free day at the St. Patricks Day parade in DT Chicago tomorrow! ☘️
  2. Complete my summative evaluation presentation…reflect…breathe.
  3.  Reflect on my final observation & prepare for my meeting this week.
  4. Finish assessing my class with running records (Did I mention 28 students is A LOT?)
  5. Mentally, and physically, prepare myself for my co-teacher’s 3-day absence:Prep, Prep, Prep…take another deep breath. 
  6. Prepare fun activities for St. Patrick’s Day next Friday. YAY. ☘️
  7. Finish progress monitoring for IEP progress reports
  8. Tackle some grading and begin filling out report cards…begin hyperventilating
  9.  Begin preparing progress reports for parent-teacher conferences at the end of the month
  10. Survive the month of March by practicing mindfulness. 🙂 (This is our PBIS focus of the month)

Condensing my list to 10 things makes me feel (sorta) less anxiety-ridden…definitely more organized and focused. For tonight, I am going to relax on the couch, get some rest, and prepare to tackle the weeks ahead!


6 thoughts on “SOL #10: Ten Things to Tackle”

  1. I love, love, love to do lists. I have many and lots of sticky notes. I tend to rewrite them too. So this slice is calming to me … even though it is full, full, full! You have a list and can now start crossing items off the list soon. This month will fly by, but I love that your PBIS focus is mindfulness! What a brilliant idea!


  2. Bait and switch! 🙂 Definitely not the “March Madness” I thought I was clicking over for, but I’m so glad I got to read this. You have a lot on your plate! Your “begin hyperventilating” really resonated with me. Grades and evaluations were always such a challenge for me. I never wanted to attach a grade to anyone’s work! Good luck with your to-do list!


  3. I also am intrigued by mindfulness being the PBIS focus- for both teachers and students? Would love to hear more about it. You’ll get everything that needs to get completed, completed. All will be well.


  4. I am just beginning my spring break and my list for the week off is full of preparation for the rest of the year, plus getting all the stuff done around the house that I have put off, plus cleaning up the yard and purging the garage. It seems our lists are never ending and always over-packed. I love that you crossed off “begin hyperventilating” and that you included a stress-free day in there. I think I will add one (or three) of those to my list also. May your week be tremendously productive!


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