Today, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Illinois Computing Educators (ICE) conference. So much to see, so much to learn. My brain is now overloaded with endless information on ways to make myself better as a teacher, through the use of technology.

Somewhere in between lunch and the end of my eventful day,  I attended a session presented by a 13-year-old and his mom on student-led learning with a STEM  approach. How impressive?! I couldn’t wait to hear his perspective on this topic, which is why I must share my thoughts.


First off, all I could think of while he was presenting is how much has changed since I was a student in middle/high school. It has been just about 6 years since I graduated high school, but the changes since then are truly mind blowing! Now as an educator, I have been introduced to a new generation of learning.

Highlight of the session: CODING. I have experience with Hour of Code and checked out a few apps related to coding, but other than that, I am clueless on the topic. (Sorry in advance to my boyfriend who codes for a living… 🙂 ).  Here are a few must shares on block coding for fellow newbies:

  1. Ozobot
  2. Bloxels
  3. Dash and Dot

SO COOL. They have been given the stamp of approval by a 13-year-old, so they must be good…take his word for it.

What a world we live in. 🙂



4 thoughts on “SOL #3: ICE”

  1. What a great conference. I love, love, love that a 13 year old presented! That is awesome! Thanks for sharing the additional coding ideas … my girls received an Ozobot for Christmas and enjoy it. We also have an Osmo (which is fabulous!) and have played with the new coding game as well. So many great options! Happy you had a great time … now you have more slices about the conference as you continue to reflection!


  2. Every time I get to go to one of these conferences–which is never often enough–I come home on overload. There is so much to learn and, as teachers, we are dedicated to learning, which doesn’t make it any easier. It sounds like you had an amazing experience and now have even MORE to integrate into your classroom learning. Enjoy!!


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