SOL #2: A Seusstastic Day

Morning Message

Our day began with a morning message I couldn’t resist writing this morning. The Lorax soundtrack was playing in the background as our students walked in…and BAM, they had so many questions! “What is this music?!”, “Why is the message rhyming?!”, and my personal favorite: “Which one of you is Thing 1 and Thing 2, Miss Chance?” (Referring to me and my co-teacher).

This particular student and I proceeded to have a conversation about who was Thing 1 and who was Thing 2, based on the picture. She said, “Since Miss Kriegl has been teaching longer, she would probably be Thing 1 and you would be Thing 2… “. I love their logic! 🙂

Needless to say, I have been excited for this day since I bought these Dr.Seuss bookmarks from my guilty pleasure, the Target Dollar Spot. Representing Dr.Seuss and Read Across America Day…how can you go wrong?! What a Seusstastic day!




4 thoughts on “SOL #2: A Seusstastic Day”

  1. I’m glad we can still get excited about the little things! 🙂

    I’m also glad to see you blogging! You’ll look back on these little moments and cherish them. PROMISE. Well, sort of. 😛

    Miss you already tomorrow!


  2. What an impressive morning message! It would have taken me forever to get all the Seussical rhyming right. Sounds like it was a fun day!


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